What I ate: Lasagna

I totally agree with the worldwide opinion that lasagna is at best the classic comfort food out there, and i think we should thank the Italians for that. When i crave lasagna, the drool-worthy image that appears in my head is the traditional pasta layered with a hearty tomato sauce, meat and cheese…all kinds of cheese. Sigh! heavenly. Although as much as i love to cook, there are days when i don’t even want to step into the kitchen or just those days when the kids have nagged me more than usual and I need something comforting to stay sane. Thanks to Facebook, i get to satisfy my food cravings without rummaging through my pantry.

I came across this post in a Facebook group advertising ‘Divine White BBQ Chicken Lasagna’ and i just wanted to try it so bad. I love the fact how social media has given a chance to all these talented cooks out there who are now working from home providing a whole range of delicious food that can be delivered right to our doorstep. It’s especially such a blessing for people like me who cannot go out and about every time a craving hits. I’m honestly ecstatic about these home-based eateries.


Photo courtesy: Urban Chef

So, yes i ate this White BBQ Chicken Lasagna over the weekend by Urban Chef. It is run by Sherveen Ali, you can checkout her page on Facebook. I had read great reviews about her lasagna which ofcourse had intrigued me more to try it out. Although im the sort of person who likes to try the food myself before believing everyone else’s opinion. Solely because i believe everyone has a unique flavor palate…you may not like something i truly love.

Anyway, lets talk about Urban Chef’s BBQ lasagna. To start with it was neatly and securely packaged, so it reached me in good condition. No spills. yay! It was fresh and still quite warm and i couldn’t wait to dig in (hence the hasty photography that follows. Pardon me). I ordered a 1 litre pack of this yummy lasagna at a very reasonable price i must say. The quantity was good enough to serve 3, but i actually managed to devour it all by myself. It was quite a fulfilling dinner and breakfast the next morning. Well, you know i need the extra calories. I have a toddler in the house!

This lasagna had good four layers of pasta sheets filled with lots & lots of BBQ chicken chunks and a very cheesy sauce. Of course this was the ‘desi/Pakistani’ version of the lasagna so the chicken was quite spicy but the overall balance of flavors were pretty good. I just wish it had more creamy sauce and less cheese. Uh-oh did i just say less cheese?! sounds crazy even to me, but i feel it would have balanced it more perfectly. I also loved the addition of mushrooms and olives, not a bad fusion at all i would say. Even though Im more used to making and eating the classic version of lasagna, i still liked this desi version. Its always interesting to see how different cooks bring different flavors to the same dish.

las1 las2

So treat your taste buds and try it out for yourself. Happy Eating!

Disclaimer: The personal views and opinion about the food are entirely my own and completely unbiased.