Begin Again


Hey, don’t get the wrong idea! Im not quitting. Not even close. Neither is this a starting over point. This for me is just the moment where i stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath and reevaluate. Lately, a lot has been happening behind the scenes here at my end. My brain is crammed with ideas and the adrenaline rush is ever so high.

Focusing on the blog today let me tell you whats going on. Over the past year, with my freelance design job and entrepreneurial adventures, the blog usually took a back seat. That is just not what i had in mind when i initially started blogging. But i also didn’t want to take it as a burden, like something i have to do. After the first post i actually kinda fell in love with this blogging world and writing is of course my favorite part. So, why did i start blogging exactly? Yup, its already that time.. The time to really think about why i started and where do i wanna go. The good news is i think i do know. And knowing that…knowing what i want is truly motivating. Everything seems to fall into place when you know where you’re headed, even though the future is always uncertain.

I created ‘Coffee & Zest’ in 2013 with a whole lot of passion and excitement and the intention was to share my love for food with the world. This blog was my space to express, share and speak out. I started off by sharing tried and tested recipes which has been quite fulfilling so far, but i want more. I want to do more. Express more. I know i can do that best through writing, and if you ever meet me in person you would totally agree with that too. so now i want this digital space of mine to truly reflect who i am and where I’m going. I will still be sharing the much loved recipes along with a bit more of my life and make you see the world through my eyes or rather my food. Hopefully from now on if you happen to drop by my blog you will notice more interesting posts that i would love to get some feedback on 🙂

At the end of the day its all about the balance. I desperately need this balance in my life right now while focusing on doing what i love most. I love creating, designing, baking and writing. I need this ALL in my life but i know, i know…i have to set my priorities straight. C’est la Vie.

Besides the changes in my blogging journey, I am also making some changes in my professional life. As a freelance communication/graphic designer, I have decide to re-establish myself. Going forward i want to be more focused as a designer too and i believe i have found just the right design niche for myself. You can get to know more about that part of me here.

So Im all excited. I know what I’m doing or at least i think i do. *fingers crossed*

My motto for life: Do What You Love!

See ya around!