Begin Again


Hey, don’t get the wrong idea! Im not quitting. Not even close. Neither is this a starting over point. This for me is just the moment where i stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath and reevaluate. Lately, a lot has been happening behind the scenes here at my end. My brain is crammed with ideas and the adrenaline rush is ever so high.

Focusing on the blog today let me tell you whats going on. Over the past year, with my freelance design job and entrepreneurial adventures, the blog usually took a back seat. That is just not what i had in mind when i initially started blogging. But i also didn’t want to take it as a burden, like something i have to do. After the first post i actually kinda fell in love with this blogging world and writing is of course my favorite part. So, why did i start blogging exactly? Yup, its already that time.. The time to really think about why i started and where do i wanna go. The good news is i think i do know. And knowing that…knowing what i want is truly motivating. Everything seems to fall into place when you know where you’re headed, even though the future is always uncertain.

I created ‘Coffee & Zest’ in 2013 with a whole lot of passion and excitement and the intention was to share my love for food with the world. This blog was my space to express, share and speak out. I started off by sharing tried and tested recipes which has been quite fulfilling so far, but i want more. I want to do more. Express more. I know i can do that best through writing, and if you ever meet me in person you would totally agree with that too. so now i want this digital space of mine to truly reflect who i am and where I’m going. I will still be sharing the much loved recipes along with a bit more of my life and make you see the world through my eyes or rather my food. Hopefully from now on if you happen to drop by my blog you will notice more interesting posts that i would love to get some feedback on 🙂

At the end of the day its all about the balance. I desperately need this balance in my life right now while focusing on doing what i love most. I love creating, designing, baking and writing. I need this ALL in my life but i know, i know…i have to set my priorities straight. C’est la Vie.

Besides the changes in my blogging journey, I am also making some changes in my professional life. As a freelance communication/graphic designer, I have decide to re-establish myself. Going forward i want to be more focused as a designer too and i believe i have found just the right design niche for myself. You can get to know more about that part of me here.

So Im all excited. I know what I’m doing or at least i think i do. *fingers crossed*

My motto for life: Do What You Love!

See ya around!


Gimme a break!

Some days are so out of control, you just feel like you are drowning and this is it, the worst in you is here to stay and survival seems doubtful. That’s when I’m absolutely convinced that i need therapy. But you know what, besides baking I think retail therapy would do just fine. Although I’m convinced that I pretty much qualify as a bakeaholic, but I’m not really a shopaholic. But once in a while bingeing is totally fine with me. That’s what momma’s do to stay healthy and sane – trust me, it works.

Here’s my top 5 purchases from the year 2014:

1. These little mini tart pans were love at first sight. They are my favorite pans to use when I’m taste testing pie crusts and cakes.

mini tart pans

2. These 6 double sided cookie cutters are the most versatile & helpful in the kitchen. I use these cutters for cookies, fondant, mini cakes and donuts.


3. This Oven Thermometer is my MOST used tool in the kitchen. I’m a little obsessed with precision, so just cant do without this.


4. Lately I had been experimenting with different bread dough and when i saw this baguette pan, I just had to buy it. Just looking at it makes me want to bake bread and of course also looks more professional.


5. Last but not the least this Wilton Rolling Pin is definitely my top 5. Besides rolling fondant, i use it for pie crusts, puff pastry and cookies all the time. Psst..I’m not much of a fondant person, but if that’s what the kids want, then that’s what the kids get. Sucha good momma, right!



What’s your most favorite and useful tool in the kitchen? would love to know 🙂

The madness of motherhood…and cake!

In the past 5 years since being a momma, I’ve faced many types of “ME” – there are faces of me that i didn’t even know existed. I think a lot of mothers would nod their heads in agreement with me saying that my kids bring out the best and worst in me. I guess that comes with the package. Can’t believe that over JUST 5 years, we have added smiles, tears, laughter and loads of memories ( and millions more to come) to my treasure. Well i will take that as my reward for all the sleepless nights and stressful days. Now, why not celebrate his 5th birthday and me surviving these 5 years of mommy-hood – a fun, scary, sweet and unpredictable roller coaster ride. Birthdays are of course just the right reason to celebrate and bake some cake.

That’s when i go into planning mode and trust me I go into planning mode a lot. As a mother at times it feels like I’m not doing enough, I’m not the best momma…of course I have my low moments often but honestly, as mothers we do a lot for our kids every single day, we take every chance we can to cheer them up…but I’m thinking i want to do something a little more that would light up his face on his day. What more could a mother want, right?!

So onto the birthday cake. I baked him one in hopes that he will love and remember it. These days he’s into super heroes, mimicking them and being them. So, it was a mini superhero themed birthday and the fun in it for me was baking the cake and doing the decorations myself. A lot of work but oh so satisfying and totally worth all the effort. My boy was ecstatic. He loved it all…well, except actually eating the cake. Sadly these kids no nothing about good food…hmph. Imagine, my boy doesn’t eat CAKE! Shocking.

birthday collage

Voila! It was my first attempt at fondant, which turned out pretty well. My boy totally digged the superhero theme. The cake was a moist chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate butter cream enveloping it. Plus the absolutely yum vanilla cupcakes with slightly coffee flavored vanilla frosting topped with OREO crumbs. Ahh, satisfying.

Game on!

I love to bake and cook from scratch. All that homemade goodness is aah… just pure bliss. Although it can be time consuming and challenging, especially with my kiddies running wild, but i love it. I love it all! Even this horrid, hot humid weather nowadays cant keep me away from my oven. But really, the rewards of my labor of love are all truly worth the effort.

Plus i definitely love to try out new recipes posted by the more experienced and amazingly creative bloggers out there. And i certainly love reading their stories and recipes, but a voice at the back of my head keeps pulling me back from trying out anything and everything for the fear of ‘what if it doesn’t turn out right?’…but hey voice! I’m stronger than you think.

Wondering what am i going on about?!

Now is the time to confess. I’m addicted to Pinterest. I cant stop gawking at those absolutely beautiful food photos that keep appearing on my screen. They are seriously jaw dropping material. So i have this recipe board over there where I stash all my collection to try out for later. And that later is NOW. I have over 200 pins so far and I’m going to pick the 10 most appealing pins that I’m going to recreate (for now at least). By recreating I mean to follow the recipe from the pin to the tee. Then lets see if that recipe is a yay or a nay!

So yes, It’s a challenge alright! Yeah, go on throw me that curve ball. I’m all warmed up and readddyyyyy to roll-that-dough!  Doesn’t it feel good to do something that makes you feel all excited and good inside? Absolutely. Simply put, I’m challenging myself to recreate in my kitchen those delicious looking recipes on my Pinterest Board.

Link to my Pinterest Board:



Eat, Love, Share!

First post…here i go!

I’m head over heels in love with food. Good food (read dessert). It’s not an obsession (oh well,you will just have to take my word for it) it’s my passion. More than eating and stuffing myself crazy, i love the cooking, baking and creating food from scratch. Home made all the way. I’m sure other foodies like me can understand the satisfaction you get from a successful food experiment. Pure bliss!

I remember the first time i baked was when i was twelve years old and amazingly it was a success and my family was all praises *awesome feeling*.

Since then i have been baking on and off, and learning over time, obviously making a few many disasters in the process. I’m definitely not a pro yet, and that’s my motivation right there! to keep baking/cooking until i get it absolutely right.

And I must confess that i eagerly and religiously read a bit too many food/baking blogs. Have been doing it for some time now and honestly they have all inspired me to do more, to cook more, bake more. So, here i am yet another foodie with a passion to explore new flavors and techniques. With this blog I want to share that journey. After all, food is meant to be shared.

Loved the idea of these napkins from a cafe.

Loved the idea of these napkins from a cafe.