Eat, Love, Share!

First post…here i go!

I’m head over heels in love with food. Good food (read dessert). It’s not an obsession (oh well,you will just have to take my word for it) it’s my passion. More than eating and stuffing myself crazy, i love the cooking, baking and creating food from scratch. Home made all the way. I’m sure other foodies like me can understand the satisfaction you get from a successful food experiment. Pure bliss!

I remember the first time i baked was when i was twelve years old and amazingly it was a success and my family was all praises *awesome feeling*.

Since then i have been baking on and off, and learning over time, obviously making a few many disasters in the process. I’m definitely not a pro yet, and that’s my motivation right there! to keep baking/cooking until i get it absolutely right.

And I must confess that i eagerly and religiously read a bit too many food/baking blogs. Have been doing it for some time now and honestly they have all inspired me to do more, to cook more, bake more. So, here i am yet another foodie with a passion to explore new flavors and techniques. With this blog I want to share that journey. After all, food is meant to be shared.

Loved the idea of these napkins from a cafe.

Loved the idea of these napkins from a cafe.